Best Surf Music for Moonlight Beach

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Sometimes when i visit Moonlight Beach I walk/run/jog with my head phones and never seem to have the right music for the Moonlight Beach environs. So I made a concerted effort to find the “right” kind of music to enjoy as a back drop for the grandeur that is Moonlight Beach.

I like “Closer to the Sun” by Slightly Stoopid, and “One Tree” by Mishka. I also like “In Between Dreams” by Jack Johnson. Listening to a couple of these tunes merges Moonlight Beach, surfing, fresh air and sun and sky into a complex, yet simple, experience. It’s sublime, really, and the calls of the seagulls, pigeons and other shore birds add another layer to the beauty of what is known as Moonlight Beach.

But, for all the die hard surf music fans…

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