Breaking Food Addictions: Caffeine

Share The Beach SUBSCRIBE I talk with Paul a back packer who unplugged from the matrix about 1 month ago. He hails from Baltimore Maryland where he worked as a janitor for 5 years. His real passion is writing and is finding that he has more time to write and build interesting experiences by quitting his job, traveling hiking, camping and taking time away from tv, the internet and the 9 to 5 grind. We talk with him today about alternative ways to travel when he is off the trail in the city. Welcome to George4Title! I’m just a guy featuring random news and interviews from Southern California. We’ve been featured on Fox News, NBC, RT, Al Jezeera, French TV, Infowars, Tosh.0, ComedyCentral and many others. Contact G4T? Email: george4title(AT) Google Plus: George Hemminger George’s Donation Link: PO BOX 70834 Riverside, CA 92513-0834
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SAN DIEGO (CBS 8) – A local stand-up paddle-boarder spoke to News 8 about his close encounter with what scientists say was a great white shark. The picture, featured in this story, shows Buck Elsmore staring in disbelief as he spotted a shark fin close to his paddle-board off Moonlight Beach in Encinitas, back in the fall. After looking at the photo, an expert at Scripps Institution of Oceanography says the fin likely belonged to a juvenile great white shark.
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