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Carmel Liquor Store Reviews

San Diego
12750 Carmel Country Rd
Average Rating: 3 out of 5 (5 Reviews)

Review by Alex D.
The Liquor Deli is my favorite place in Carmel Valley, and any word against it is blasphemy. No, its not a “weird little slice of hell” as other reviewers…
Rating: 5

Review by Carol J.
Carmel liquor store gets 6 stars for being the only place that stayed open during the socal-wide power outage. Even Ralphs and Riteaid down the street…
Rating: 5

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Review by Tony G.
Something is horribly wrong with Carmel Liquor Store and it hits you like a sack of doorknobs the moment you cross the dingy threshold and begin to wander…
Rating: 1

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