Daley Double Saloon

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Daley Double Saloon Reviews

546 S Coast Hwy 101
Average Rating: 2.5 out of 5 (62 Reviews)

Review by Daniel V.
The place is okay, decent music but very busy on weekends. I end up shoulder to shoulder with everyone in the place and it’s one of those places where I…
Rating: 1

Review by Alex P.
If you took all of the worst qualities found in different bars and combined them all into one location you would have the Saloon. It’s dirty, it’s loud, the…
Rating: 1

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Review by s c.
Filthy, over-priced, rude crowd, unhealthy atmosphere – buy a 6 pack and drink it at home. This place is a dirty rat trap of a hole. They need to tear it…
Rating: 1

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