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The folks at Moonlight Beach published a post called  Encinitas – The Movie(s).

A few fans of Del Mar wrote and asked, “Hey, what about Del Mar?”  OK, Del Mar, here you go.

Welcome to Del Mar

At the edge of a continent is the town you love… Del Mar. Here are a few YouTube videos about your favorite town. Please share them with:

  • Friends who haven’t yet visited, but you want to share how Del Mar looks
  • Or worse, you have a friend who used to live here and moved away, and they miss Del Mar terribly.
  • Or even worse, you have a friend who can never visit you and you just want to ‘rub it in.’

Heck with it, why not just rub it in! Send a friend this link and ‘watch’ envy in action.

Let’s start off with a very ‘beachy’ drone footage. Sunset and waves, and then more waves. One evening during a beautiful sunset over Del Mar, California. The sun setting over the ocean with surfers. (3:20)

Del Mar and Torrey Pines San Diego with a DJI Phantom 3 Drone (3:11)

Aerial footage of Dog Beach, Del Mar, California (2:45) A bit of drone noise, but nice footage.

Get all ‘local’ with this 2009 classsic video. Del Mar, California (4:38) Scenes from SeagrovePark, Powerhouse Park, and beach in Del Mar, complete with the Coaster Train, surfers  and sunbathers .

Eighteen miles North of Downtown San Diego lies the once secluded retreat of Hollywood celebrities, Del Mar. Two square miles of stunning coastal land with beautiful trees and flowers make it one of the most scenic beach destinations. (1:52)

Del Mar’s Dog Beach – Who doesn’t like watching dogs have more fun than humans while at the beach? (3:11)

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After you watch the Dog Beach video, above, then you can graduate to watching the Del Mar Pug Surfing at Del Mar Dog Beach GoPro Compilation (3:11)

A Realtor’s video – A small village with a big heart in Del Mar, California (2:54)

From Blue Book Media (1:14)

A couple of ‘bros’ record their surfing adventures. Surfing 15th street Del Mar CA. GoPro (3:06) A beautiful and glassy morning greeted me as i joined my brother and the wounded warriors.

Aerial drone footage – 7th street at the Pacific Ocean in Del Mar, CA for a bit of FPV flying with DJI Phantom Quadcopter (3:20 )

Essentially an infomercial (5:09) The San Diego County Fair, presented by Albertsons/Vons is calling it a wrap after 25 days of fun as “A Fair To Remember” comes to a close. To kick off summertime in San Diego County, 1,503,538 guests came to the Fair to celebrate World’s Fairs and Balboa Park by commemorating the centennial anniversary of the 1915 Panama – California Exposition held in Balboa Park. “A Fair To Remember”

Del Mar Racetrack – Documentary. A history of the racetrack from Bing Crosby through now (56:37)

The 19 trails of Del Mar (4:09)

And, of course, The Mamas & The Papas: California Dreamin’ (2:33)

Now send this to a friend and ‘rub it in.’

del mar map

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