Dolphin Video: The Best Surfers… Ever

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Dolphins are intelligent – See (sea?) dolphins surf.

Next time you think you are the best surfer around, watch this video.

‘Local’ San Diego Surfers

Nice Aerial

Even more video of dolphins surfing (or at least having fun)

See additional videos of dolphins surfing with surfers.

Dolphins Are Intelligent: Dolphins process information from their environment in a similar way to people, and some say that they can solve problems like humans.

Here are examples of dolphin intelligence:

      • Their forms of communication are complex, evolving and diverse.
      • Dolphins are creative and playful animals. Their behavior is not mechanical or rigid; they seem to enjoy playing and look for the companionship of other individuals.
      • Their empathy suggests that dolphins experience emotions such as sadness or joy. When dolphins are in trouble, they display a degree of cohesiveness rarely seen in other animal groups. If one becomes sick and heads toward shallow water, the entire group will sometimes follow, which can lead to mass strandings.
      • Dolphins can transmit learning to other generations of dolphins.

    • There have been cases where they use tools. For example, sponges to protect your snout from rough surfaces.
    • The members of a pod collaborate with each other and sometimes with other species of animals.
    • Some scientists argue that the social intelligence of these cetaceans competes with that of the great apes because they can show empathy towards the companions and help them when they are injured or immobilized.
    • Dolphins possess self-awareness – Proof of this is that when they look in a mirror, they can recognize themselves and know that they are the ones in the mirror; This is a sign of the development of abstract thinking.

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  • According to science, their ability to learn is comparable to that of a 3-year-old toddler.
  • Dolphins respond positively to television by showing interest and curious attention to the moving images displayed on the device.
  • Dolphins have been seen playing with inanimate objects that they find in their surroundings.
  • Dolphins play with bubbles of water as they swim and then take the time to observe their creations.
  • Dolphins can solve complex problems and can imitate the actions of human beings. A dolphin named Tanner was blindfolded and told to imitate the actions of a trainer who was in the water. As the dolphin could not watch, emitted sounds and interpreted the sound waves to make replicas of the movements of the instructor.

Who doesn’t like to share a wave with a good friend? Thank you for sharing this with your good surfing friend.

Watch this one-of-a-kind surfing video as Austin Keen surfs with an unexpected guest, Jojo The Dolphin. Watch Jojo The Dolphin surf, upside down, beneath surfer Austin Keen on a wave.


Full video, start at 1:54 to see dolphin surfing upside down, beneath surfer.


Dolphin paints!


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