Encinitas Mexican Restaurant: Kotija Jr

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Where is it?

852 N Coast Hwy 101

Encinitas, CA 92023

Neighborhood: Encinitas

(760) 632-1616

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You’ve just gotta’ taste the fish tacos, they are, hands down, the best in town (plus lots of other stuff). Right, back to the fish tacos, my mouth is watering at the thought . . . . imagine . . . . thick chunks of fresh white fish, fried off lightly in a beautiful golden batter, topped with a dollop of salsa and just a little white sauce . . .¬† now, don’t imagine any more, just head on to Kotija Jr and taste it for yourself!

The abodaba is also terrific (almost as good as the fish taco, but that’s just my opinion), you know where you always end up ordering the same thing whenever you’re a “regular” at an eatin’ place, even if you tell yourself on the way that you’re gonna’ buck the trend and go for something different (it’s all terrific), well, no matter what I want to say when I get to the counter – Shrimp cocktail, Chimichanga rice and beans, Chicken Taquitos, Cheese Enchiladas, Chicken fajita¬†. . . I always seem to say “Fish Taco” . . . it’s kind of ingrained in my brain forever.

So, my recommendation for your first visit to Kotija Jr, avoid the fish tacos or you could be stuck in taco heaven forever.

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