Encinitas Plastic Grocery Bag Ban – Reusable Grocery Bags

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Plastic Grocery Ban Now Impacts 300 Stores

Now is the time to bring your own grocery bag to almost every retail merchant in Encinitas.

Encinitas’s ban on single-use, disposable plastic bags is now in effect – which prohibited stores that sell groceries from distributing the bags at checkout counters.

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This ‘phase two’ ban impacts almost every retailer, including: clothing stores, hardware centers, pet supply stores and even local farmers markets.

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It more than doubles the number of stores affected by the law, from 140 covered under the first phase to about 300 now.

The new law also allows Encinitasmerchants to charge a $0.10 fee per bag if the customer doesn’t a reusable bag and wants a store-provided paper bag.

Plastic Grocery Bag Exceptions

Restaurants aren’t included in the ban, and it doesn’t apply to the plastic bags used in a grocery store’s produce or meat departments.

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