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If you are looking for surfing lessons that are several surf schools that can help you get in the ocean and catch a wave:

Kahuna Bob: The Kahuna has been surfing and teaching surf classes since the word “Kahuna” was invented.

Jason’s Surf and Therapy: Jason’s intention and mission are not only to service people in having fun in the Ocean learning to surf with Surf Lessons but also to assist people in overcoming their fear of the Ocean or Waves using surf lessons, paddling, swimming, or simple wading so they can feel empowered not only in the water but in all areas of their lives. I simply use the Ocean as a catalyst for this. I have witnessed first hand that once people realize they can conquer their fear of the Ocean and water and transform their fear into deep enjoyment and fulfillment, then this inspires them to use the tools I give them in other areas of their lives where they feel stuck or afraid.

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Share The Beach