Encinitas – The Movie(s). Videos To Share With A Friend.

Share The Beach

At the edge of a continent is the town you love… Encinitas. Here are a few YouTube videos about your favorite town. Please share them with:

  • Friends who haven’t yet visited, but you want to share how Encinitas looks
  • Or worse, you have a friend who used to live here and moved away, and they miss Encinitas terribly.
  • Or even worse, you have a friend who can never visit you and you just want to ‘rub it in.’


Heck with it, why not just rub it in!

The titles and the approximate run times are below.

Do this video (3:43) first – produced for DEMA, the Downtown Encinitas Mainstreet Association. Mostly ‘old’ Encinitas and beach shots

A Realtor’s overview (2:56) of your favorite town. Aerial shots and local views of every place you know. Compares ‘old’ Encinitas versus ”new’ Encinitas

A drone GoPro view (3:58) of Beacon’s

An unnarrated view (5:52) on town and beach

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Want to feel how it is to body surf in Encinitas (2:00) – here you go

A quick (2:46) trip through your town.

Grandview Beach (1:57)

Stonesteps Beach (2:17) circa 1969 (What exemplifies Stonesteps better?)

A drone’s eye view (11:30) of the water, the reefs and surfers

Another Realtor’s overview (2:45) of your favorite town.

And, of course, The Mamas & The Papas: California Dreamin’ (2:33)

Share The Beach