Keep Leucadia Funky? Alas, No More…

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If you have lived long enough in Leucadia you have seen changes over the years.

Funkiness Vs. Progress (Another one bites the dust)

Progress is not an illusion, it happens, but it is slow and invariably disappointing.
George Orwell

The San Diego Reader  reports, “An eight-unit, three-story, residential, and commercial development in Leucadia will soon replace two businesses and a home, including North County Equipment, one of the last North County small-machine repair shops.

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The shop’s manager, Shane, says he understands they have until around February to close or find another location. “With zoning, I don’t know if the owner can move,” he said. It isn’t for lack of business, Shane says. Repairs — mostly for landscaping companies — are backed up for a week.

The Encinitas City Council approved the mixed-use condo project, to be known as the Beacons, on November 9. After an hour of public testimony, most in opposition, opponents claimed the three-story building is not aligned with the character of Leucadia. “Too much glass and steel,” said one resident to the council.”

Keep Leucadia Funky? 

So should we (can we) Keep Leucadia Funky?

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    • Phaedra Drimmel
    • May 17, 2021

    I’m probably a decade or 5 short, I did my most vital growing up, partying, loving life at Clint Johnson’s abode on Neptune, 1507 that is,! The Johnson’s WERE Leucadia, sadly Susie passed in 2004? Her son Blake followed 2013? They were my family, Clint was an owner of a bar where the post office is now, caring , loving, people. Paige & Blake went to San Dieguito High, meanwhile, their father was working as a plumber, he built homes on his property for sum really good people that no one else could see the good in but Clint, & his family, he built an extended family around his own home on Neptune & never question one person about their honesty & loyalty, & ability to pay rent, he is the most incredible man I’ve met besides my own father, if you knew 1507 Neptune, in Leucadia, then you knew Clint, wonderful man with his family, he was the KING OF FUNKY OF ALL LEUCADIA! He had rusty corn stock rollers, bear traps, cow pails hanging all over the front and back of house, among so many amazing things, he had an old phone shell up on my front deck, where I’d lay there in the sun & people would stop & park, come up the ladder to my deck & ask me for change to make a phone call, when all that was in that phone booth she’ll was Mother Mary!! Funky, yes, in all the best ways! YES, KEEP HIS HONOR, SCREW ALL THESE PPL COMING IN WITH MILLIONS MAKING IT SO FCKN UGLY!

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