Lake Miramar

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San Diego
Scripps Lake Dr
Average Rating: 4.5 out of 5 (126 Reviews)

Review by Allen C.
Roommate + Me = went at a stupid time, aka, mid-day… hot, hot, hottttt!

Not too much to see but it is a relaxing place. I do not have too much to say…
Rating: 3

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Review by Joshua M.
I am pretty down with Lake Miramar for the bike route. For the most part you don’t get nearly as many safety hazards on the route than you do with a place…
Rating: 4

Review by Nathan D.
Great spot to get out to stretch the legs. 4.93 miles around, scenic, cool breeze on west side with great views all the way to La Jolla, warm on the east…
Rating: 4

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