Lomas Santa Fe Country Club

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Lomas Santa Fe Country Club Reviews

Solana Beach
1505 Lomas Santa Fe Dr
Average Rating: 3.5 out of 5 (6 Reviews)

Review by Lila Z.
I’ve been to the gym here a few times as a guest. It’s not as ritzy as some of the other nearby clubs, but it’s almost better this way. The yoga/group ex…
Rating: 4

Review by Scott M.
LSFCC is a great, low-key country club with great service and amenities.

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While the majority of the members are older, we are seeing some shift toward more…
Rating: 4

Review by Love S.
It is such a great location and has some nice facilities (pool, locker/shower area, gym) but is desperately in need of customer service upgrading if they…
Rating: 3

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