Milton’s Delicatessen Restaurant

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Milton’s Delicatessen Restaurant Reviews

Del Mar
2660 Via De La Valle
Average Rating: 3 out of 5 (180 Reviews)

Review by Marie S.
Its a hit and miss place.
Ive had really good experiences and really awful ones.
Once I went for lunch with a friend, they screwed up my sandwich 3times…
Rating: 2

Review by sherri m.
I love delis and have tried them in every city near and far. I have been to Milton’s about ten times or more. But I am not going back. Their food is good…
Rating: 2

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Review by Margaret W.
Stopped in on my way out of town for food to go. I was able quickly and easily order from the regular full menu. II was insantly intrigued by the L.E.O….
Rating: 3

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