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Cottonwood Creek flows into the ocean at Moonlight Beach. While earlier residents washed their clothes and drank for the creek, nowadays, that water is pretty much unusable due to agricultural, lawn and driveway run-offs.

If you are a surfer looking for a world class break, umm… this isn’t it. It is a typical north county beach break. “Moonlight Beach is not a great longboard wave anymore. It’s changed and it’s pretty much a shortboard wave now. It really breaks hard and fast now. It wasn’t like that. It was a fun beach break.” – said Linda Benson, five-time women’s world surfing champion.

D Street is best known as a short boarders break.

Just one mile south is Swami’s reef break, which draws the more talented surfers.

Big waves at Moonlight.

View of the city of Encinitas. You can find maps and tourist information here: Encinitas Travel Books

There is plenty (by San Diego standards) of parking at Moonlight Beach, just be sure to arrive early on those hot days. Many people don’t know that we can have a bad weather day, about once every 50 years or so:

Encinitas Books

This is how Neptune Avenue looks as your drive from Moonlight Beach to Beacon’s Beach.

Many tourists visit Encinitas and they buy a T shirt. You can buy an Encinitas t-shirt so you let the tourists know you were here first.

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