Oggi’s Pizza and Brewing Company

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Oggi’s Pizza and Brewing Company Reviews

San Diego
12840 Carmel Country Rd
Average Rating: 3 out of 5 (57 Reviews)

Review by Michael K.
By far my favorite Oggi’s location. Everything is good. Each time I’m leaving San Diego, I take the trek off the freeway into Del Mar to stop by this place….
Rating: 5

Review by paul k.
Beer selection – 3.5 stars

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Pizza – 0 Stars. Shocked people in SD like this stuff. Pizza is just terrrrrrrrible. LOL!! Reminds me of .99 Celeste pizza….
Rating: 2

Review by Bob W.
If you love great pizza while you watch sports on a big screen…Oggi’s can’t be beat. I find myself here at least one weekend per month. Good crowd…good…
Rating: 5

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