San Diego County Sheriff’s Encinitas Station

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San Diego County Sheriff’s Encinitas Station Reviews

175 N El Camino Real
Average Rating: 3.5 out of 5 (9 Reviews)

Review by Ron W.
I’m giving the local sheriff’s dept 5 stars, because of your review Alisa (and because they work pretty darned hard). According to your complaint, officers…
Rating: 5

Review by Bo G.
Sandy C. Pulls over in the middle of the road to use her phone then is pissed that she got a ticket when theres a shopping center every 20 feet to stop in….
Rating: 5

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Review by Kristen P.
Hey Sandy J., did you think of pulling over on a side street, legally? Maybe into one of the dozens of parking lots on ECR? Of course not. I hate that your…
Rating: 5

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