San Diego Miramar College

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San Diego Miramar College Reviews

San Diego
10440 Black Mountain Rd
Average Rating: 3.5 out of 5 (15 Reviews)

Review by Melissa N.
Chill college campus. Under a lot of construction.

I’m only here Monday and Wednesday nights, and it’s not too creepy/bad.

I like how the parking…
Rating: 3

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Review by Mia P.
I’ve gone to Miramar and Mesa and definitely prefer Miramar. It has been many years since I’ve gone to Mesa and have seen that they improved on the parking…
Rating: 4

Review by Jennifer W.
It’s my first semester here and it’s okay I guess. I mean, I have a class in one of the new buildings and their AC didn’t work for two weeks! Parking isn’t…
Rating: 4

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