Should Encinitas Take A Deep Breath?

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Spock using the Vulcan nerve pinch on a doomed...

Don’t let this happen to your yoga kids…

Take a deep breath before you read this…

Two parents Encinitas Union School District parents are getting all worked up and suing the district over yoga classes… yep yoga.

The parents contend that yoga is a form of religion that teaches Hinduism and other beliefs. Sorta like a Vulcan mind meld on our kids – or worse the dreaded Spock pinch of paralysis.

Plaintiff attorney Dean Broyles argues the twice weekly, 30-minute classes are inherently religious and in violation of the separation between church and state. The lawsuit also says that kids who opt-out from the classes are prevented from meeting the mandatory number of PE minutes. Encinitas students counter that they now have more time to play World of Warcraft.

Who is behind this Jedi mind trick? The Jois Foundation, a nonprofit group that promotes Ashtanga yoga, provided a three year grant of $530,000 to fund the mind control efforts.

The district started the yoga classes at its nine schools in January and Superintendent Timothy Baird says teachers and parents have noticed students are calmer, using the breathing practices to release stress before tests. This allows parents to utilize lower dosages of various medications, saving them money at home.

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This lawsuit that will determine whether yoga is a form of religion or exercise will be heard in court 05/20/2013.

Should yoga be allowed in Encinitas schools?  Assume your favorite yoga pose, then click to voice your comments?

To quote Madonna, “Strike a pose, Strike a pose…”


Possibly this is how some parents in the Encinitas Union School district see the yoga class

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