Supermoon Coming: Here Is Your SuperMoon Beach Playlist (75+ ‘Moon’ Songs)

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Stargazers, night owls, werewolves, space observers and lunacy proponents be prepared!

What Is A Supermoon?

A supermoon occurs when the moon becomes full on the same days as its perigee, which is the point in the moon’s orbit when it is closest to Earth. They generally appear to be 14% bigger and 30% brighter than other full moons. Full moons occur near perigee approximately every 13 months, so supermoons like this are not that uncommon, according to NASA.

When Is The Next Supermoon?

The next supermoons occur on November 14 2016 and December 14 2016.

The supermoon on November 14 could be a biggie. It’ll be the closest full moon so far this century. So it will look like the biggest too? That depends, on where you are when you view it and weather conditions. It’s sometimes hard to tell the difference between a supermoon and a regular full moon, as clouds and haze can mask the difference in brightness.
And you really don’t want to miss this one, NASA says, because the full moon won’t come this close to us again until November 25, 2034.

A month after that mega-supermoon, another supermoon will rise on December 14. It too will be a sight to behold, but it’ll also wipe out our opportunity to see something just as beautiful — a Geminid meteor shower.

The United States and much of the world will see skies graced by a bright, big moon that will be encapsulated in a total lunar eclipse late Sunday evening into early Monday, according to NASA.

The supermoon, which occurs once every year, will appear 14% larger and 30% brighter in the sky that evening before it is engulfed by an eclipse for more than an hour.


If you are taking your significant other on a beach “Moondance” walk tonight to celebrate the “Supermoon“, here (hear) are is a playlist for you to enjoy.

One Small Step For Man One Giant Leap For Mankind – First Moon Landing 1969

Michael Jackson – Moonwalk Collection

Frank Sinatra – Fly Me To The Moon

Andy Williams and Henry Mancini – Moon River

Bill Monroe – Blue Moon of Kentucky

Van Morrison – Moondance

Starbuck – Moonlight Feels Right

Wilhelm Kempff – Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata mvt. 3

Ludwig Van Beethoven – Moonlight Sonata

Paul & Linda McCartney with Wings – C Moon

Regina Spektor – Small Town Moon

Electric Light Orchestra – Ticket to the Moon

Jimi Hendrix – Moon, Turn the Tides Gently Gently

Tex Ritter – Just Beyond the Moon

Neville Brothers – Yellow Moon

Genesis – Mad Man Moon

Dennis Deyoung – Desert Moon

Gabby Pahinui – Moonlight Lady

R.E.M. – Man on The Moon

Michael Nesmith – Silver Moon

The Doors – Moonlight Drive

Michael Buble – Moondance

Nick Drake – Pink Moon

Dream Theater – Under A Glass Moon

Duran Duran – New Moon On Monday

Toby Keith – Does That Blue Moon Ever Shine On You

Pink Floyd HD – 1973 – The Dark Side Of The Moon [2011 Remastered]

Glenn Miller Orchestra 1930’s – Moonlight Serenade

The Rolling Stones – Moonlight Mile

Bruno Mars – Talking to the Moon

Heart – Hello Moonglow

Elvis Presley – Blue Moon of Kentucky

Dan Fogelberg – Wishing on the Moon

Dan Fogelberg – Serengeti Moon

Cindy Bullens & Louis St. Louis – Mooning

Bing Crosby – Moonlight Becomes You

Ella Fitzgerald Jazz Collection – Moonlight in Vermont

Ramones – Howling At The Moon


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Ozzy Osbourne – Bark At the Moon

The Police – Walking on the Moon

Echo and The Bunnymen – The Killing Moon

Great Big Sea – Walk on the Moon

David Bowie – Let’s Dance (“Under the moonlight, the serious moonlight.”)

Miami Horror – Moon Theory

Tom Waits – Drunk on the Moon

k.d. lang — Full Moon of Love
pending – need video

Grateful Dead – Mountains Of The Moon

Sting – Moon Over Bourbon Street

Brooks & Dunn – Neon Moon

Moonglow – Benny Goodman

Neil Young – Harvest Moon

REM – Man on the Moon

Fleetwood Mac / Stevie Nicks – Sisters of the Moon

Les Paul – How High The Moon

Savage Garden – To the Moon and Back

Peter Rowan – Midnight Moonlight

Celtic Women – The Moon’s a Harsh Mistress

Mame – The Man in the Moon

Santana – Flor de Luna

Harry Nilsson – Moonbeam Song

Godsmack – Moon Baby

Lynyrd Skynyrd – Full Moon Night

George Harrison – Here Comes The Moon

Doris Day – By the Light of the Silvery Moon

Doris Day – Moonlight Bay

The Marcels – Blue Moon

The Beatles – Mr. Moonlight

Dean Martin – That’s Amore

Terry Reid (with Enya) – The Whole Of The Moon

The Waterboys – The Whole Of The Moon

King Harvest – Dancing In The Moonlight

Clay Walker – Hypnotize The Moon

Air – Moon Fever

Cat Stevens – Moonshadow

Bob Seger – Shame on the Moon

Zap Mama – Moonray

Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask ‘Full Moon’

Kenny Rogers – I Prefer The Moonlight

Creedence Clearwater Revival – Bad Moon Rising

The Grateful Dead – Mountains of the Moon

Grateful Dead – Picasso Moon

Grateful Dead – Silver Apples of the Moon

Grateful Dead – Standing on the Moon

Trisha Yearwood – Lying to the Moon

Waterboys – The Whole of the Moon

Burl Ives – In The Evening By The Moonlight

Nina Simone – In The Evening By The Moonlight

Terrapin Station – Mountains Of The Moon

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