Surfing Madonna Resurrected?

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Encinitas locals update

Will the real Madonna please come forward?

Leonardo da Vinci The Madonna of the Carnation Surfing MadonnaMadonna


Well, well, well… Let it be known that there is more than one world famous Madonna.



The “Surfing Madonna” disappeared almost as quietly as she appeared.

She made local news.

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Huddling under the Encinitas Boulevard train overpass, Ms. Madonna was installed on public property without permission. The city of Encinitas ordered it be taken down.

The locals donned their tie-dye t-shirts,

worked on their “Beach Boys” rendition and held a peaceful rally; wistfully recalling the good ‘ol days of the 70’s.

The “Surfing Madonna” now sits in meditative exile, locked in storage (where are the Free Nelson Mandela people when we really need them?).

Well, the Encinitas City Council unanimously approved a proposal that would have artist Mark Patterson “lend” Ms. Madonna so she can be exhibited near Moonlight Beach.

The proposal will now go before the State Parks’ San Diego Coast District for consideration. City Staff said any residents who would like to contact the State Parks Department with their thoughts about the ‘Surfing Madonna’ should get in touch with district superintendent Clay Phillips. According to contact information listed on the state’s website, he can be reached at or (619) 688-3260.

Read more on the Surfing Madonna in the Patch, the San Diego UT and the North County Times.

Gawd, there is a viddo for everything.

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