The Average San Diegan Household Spends How Much A Month Eating Out? Really?

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How Much A Month Do You Spend Eating Out?

As noted in this recent study, the portion of a San Diego household’s budget spent on food, 11.0 percent, was significantly lower than the 12.8 percent U.S. average. San Diego-area households spent $3,880, or 55.9 percent, of their food dollars on food prepared at home and $3,056 (44.1 percent) on food prepared away from home.

$3,056 / 12 Months Equals… A Lot

If you take $3,056 and divide by 12 months you get an expenditure of $255 per month.

That is a lot of burritos, donuts, burgers and fine dining.

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Here are the reference charts.

10 News San Diego reports that San Diegans are continuing to experience sticker shock when they sit down to eat at local restaurants, and many of the owners are blaming minimum wage hikes.

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