Video: Dolphin Surfs, Upside Down, Beneath Surfer

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Who doesn’t like to share a wave with a good friend? Thank you for sharing this with your good surfing friend.

Watch this one-of-a-kind surfing video as Austin Keen surfs with an unexpected guest, Jojo The Dolphin. Watch Jojo The Dolphin surf, upside down, beneath surfer Austin Keen on a wave.


Full video, start at 1:54 to see dolphin surfing upside down, beneath surfer.

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December 5 was the first morning on the boat and the wild yet friendly Instagram star, Jojo The Dolphin, showed interest in playing. Straightaway they sped the boat up to create a wave for the dolphin to surf but he showed no interest at first. After about 30 minutes of cruising with the dolphin, JoJo warmed to Keen and began swimming and playing. Jojo was smiling almost as if he knew they were going for the ultimate clip and was living it up. Everyone rejoiced in the success and amazement of the rare encounter and a GoPro clip captured the achievement.

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