Moonlight Beach – Woodie Moonlight Beach Encinitas 2009-2010

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Woody Beach Encinitas San Diego - Woodie Moonlight Beach Encinitas 2009-2010

Visit – Woody on the Beach Encinitas San Diego Every September @ Moonlight Beach Encinitas – Beautiful Woody 2010 on the beach of San Diego – Video made by By the 1960s and to some degree the 1970s, California surfers, among others, realised the potential of these cars; they were cheap, large enough to carry a good number of people, surfboards and equipment, and could be fixed up with woodworking skills. Thus, the woodie became the archetypal vehicle of the surfer; the popular surf-pop group The Beach Boys directly referred to them in several of their songs, as did Jan and Dean in their 1963 #1 hit, “Surf City”. Surf artists such as Jim Evans immortalized the woodie on album covers and surf posters. From Wikipedia Videos made possible by and tags; Encinitas, Encinitas, California, Woodies, Moonlight Beach, San Diego, Wavecrest, Woody, cars, Encinitas, CA, woody, Car Show, Leucadia, beach, Encinitas California, photos, restaurants, Highway 101, SoCal, La Jolla, Woodie
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This is a longer version of the waterspout video I posted before. There were about 7 waterspouts traveling UP the coastline. This is shot from Moonlight Beach, in Encinitas, CA. 9/22/2007. I shot it in HD, so if you want the footage contact me. I put a funny song in the background as well, I thought it was appropriate.

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