7 Gadgets To Stay Cool At The Beach: Protect Your Kids, Yourself, Your Surf Gear & Belongings

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Sixty-three beaches in California will have outside showers turned off to save water. In San Diego County, beaches affected by the change are Carlsbad State Beach, Cardiff State Beach,

How To Beat The “No More Showers At State Beaches” Water Ban

Instead of rinsing off, beachgoers now have few options:

* Use a towel to brush sand away
* Take an empty plastic jug, spray paint it black to warm it up and use that
* Go higher tech with an inexpensive solar shower kit. This is a full 5*, top-rated (91% 5*’s) solar shower.

This is a full 5 gallon model – big enough for the full family, heated by the sun to stay warm, you can use it for camping or just at home so you can rinse off before you go into your home.

As a bonus, if you want to go totally eco-friendly, you can fill it with sea water when you arrive at the beach, let the sun heat it, then get the sand off of you with the ocean water. You can then complete your total cleansing experience with a second solar shower water bag already heating so you can rinse off in front of your garage.

solar shower

5* Solar Shower Bag

Viking Natures Solar Camp shower is great for camping trips and during emergencies when hot water isn’t available
Made of durable PVC, Uses solar energy to heat water
Separate fill cap; on/off valve
Strong handle for reliable hanging and carrying
Capacity: 5 gallons
Eco friendly as it uses pure solar energy
The flexible shower hose with valve is easy to use making shower a no problem anywhere in the woods where there is no power supply
Can be used for anything like dish washing, clothes, washing etc
Perfect even for home when there is a power outage

It’s Hot Out There: First things first… stay out of the sun while it’s at its hottest. The sun generally is warmest between the hours of 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. each day during the summer.

Got Kids? Kids are especially susceptible to the sun – you need to provide them with a safe, shaded area for play or rest.

The easiest way to do this while enjoying your favorite beach is to use a beach tent or beach umbrella. This way you can have it both ways – be at the beach, go into the sun when you want to, then retreat to the shade of your tent or umbrella when you need to.

1. Beach Tent – Portable Sun and Weather Shelter

The beach tent is the perfect way to go to the beach, stay as long as you want, have a safe place for your kids and it has internal pockets for stakes, valuables and your beach gear so you can keep your valuables while you surf or play in the water. It is light-weight, easy to carry and fast to set up.

This 4.5* Amazon rated beach tent has over 1,300 reviews – Sport-Brella Beach Umbrella. It protects you and your family from bright sun, heat, wind, sand, and rain. It offers an amazing SPF 125 sun protection, metallic undercoating for protection.

Additional advantages include:
It weighs just 9 pounds
You can take this to your kids soccer games
It is water repellent so you can use it while camping
210 D Polyester material that protects over 99.5% of UVA and UVB rays

An additional option is this beach umbrella: Super Brella Umbrella

2. Beach Umbrella With Beach Chair

If you don’t need the beach tent, you can opt for a more personalized method of beach protection – a beach chair with built-in umbrella. There are a number of options that you can buy, but the Beach Umbrella Chair is one of Amazon’s top-rated, 4* options with over 450 reviews.

3-position recliner with easy adjusting hinges
3-way swiveling umbrella
Built-in insulated pocket holds up to 4 drinks
Cup holder and storage pockets with bottle opener
Metallic undercoating for UPF 50+ sun protection
Umbrella folds down on chair for storage as a single unit
Eye protective safety tips on umbrella points
Umbrella attaches to either side with quick-release clips
Ultra-strong, lightweight steel construction
Chair weights 10 lbs, 250 lbs. maximum capacity
Dimensions: 34″ w x 34″ l x 55″ h

3. Use Sunscreen

Read about the top rated sunscreens as reported by Time magazine.

4. Stay Hydrated

Bring water to the beach. You will drink more in the heat than you do when you are at home.

Tip: Take half the water bottles and freeze them the night before (be sure to let out a little water so it doesn’t expand and break your container). It’ll be solid when you leave the house but the heat will start melting it from the moment you take it out of the freezer and you will have chilled water to enjoy. Wrap your frozen water bottle in toweling to prevent water condensation affecting other items in your cooler or bag.

Taking a cooler with you, will be convenient and it can save you money. Being in the sun can make you thirsty within ten minutes. And what’s the point in getting comfortable if you have to go find something to drink every hour or so.

If you have ever taken a wheeled cooler to the beach, you know how hard it is to drag through the sand. The Coleman 16 Can Cooler has a 4.5* Amazon rating with almost 600 reviews.

Holds 16 cans
Removable hard plastic liner for packing flexibility
Use ice or ice substitutes to keep treats cold
Adjustable shoulder strap for carrying comfort
Front zippered pocket and inside top mesh pockets
Two side mesh pockets for added storage

5. Instant Cooling Towel
The perfect soothing solution for a heat wave is this Amazon 4* rated (over 1,500 reviews) cooling towel Frogg Togg Chilly Pad . When it becomes wet, it cools instantly to 30° F below average body temperature.

6. Personal Misting Fan
A misting fan can cause air temperature to drop 10-30 degrees F. There are a lot of cheap water spraying devices, but most break after a use or two. This device CoreGear USA Misters Personal Water Mister is rated 4.5* by Amazon and over 70% of reviewers gave it a 5* rating.

7. Dress Appropriately

No, I am not giving parental advice to my daughter (well, maybe).

Wear loose fitting clothing and comfortable clothes.

Avoid just wearing your swimsuit. You will need a comfortable shirt to cover you up when you get too much sun. Lightweight, loose-fitting clothing will help to keep you cool. Cotton clothing will keep you cool and be careful of synthetics as they can increase heat.

Cover Your Noggin – Don’t forget your head. Wear a wide-brimmed hat to keep you cooler by providing shade. And always wear UV protection sunglasses. The Columbia Bora Bora Sun Hat has a 4.5* Amazon rating with 70% of users giving it a 5* rating. This hat works for both men and women, packs small and can be used for travel.

If you are more active you may want to consider special Vibram beach shoes.

Oh yeah, one last thing… have fun at the beach.

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