All Along The (Encinitas) Watch Tower – New Lifeguard Station

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The San Diego Union Tribune is reporting that the lifeguard tower at Moonlight Beach in Encinitas, built in… 1952, will be replaced with a slanted-roofed, state-of-the-art facility with nearly 360-degree views of the water, the beach and the nearby parking lots for security.

The new 2,150-square-foot, two-story tower will contain a first aid room for beach emergencies, plus space for lifeguard lockers and showers, a desk for visiting Sheriff’s deputies and some equipment storage areas. There’s also a screened-in, outdoor area where injured seals and sea lions will be kept until animal rescue services can come collect them, the project architect stated and will be five feet taller.


The Encinitas City Council is expected to approve the project at its Nov. 18th meeting.

Construction is now expected to begin in October 2016 and continue until April 2017 — a period that’s been carefully picked because it’s not peak beach season, she added, stressing that they’ll definitely start after Labor Day and end before Memorial Day.

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