Stonesteps Beach Encinitas

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Stonesteps, hmm, sounds like a landscaping company, or 10 hours of back breaking work or some new age mystical rock maze…
Nope, it is just a super local, hard-to-find beach break in Encinitas.
Stonesteps is ‘old school’

Having said that, there is one local, who often creates a sand maze.

Please visit the Stonesteps Beach Facebook Page.

It rarely is crowded, except on hot days and holidays.

It has its own, super-secret, locals only surf contest.

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While the weather is usually nice in Southern California, after we had some wildfires, the wind was blowing and we had a smoke filled sky.

Local Stone Steps surfers in action.

Like any tribe, these surfers have their own traditions.

Here is the Stone Steps version.

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